Curly hair

Whether you have kinky, wavy, curly or coily hair, you are welcome! You will never be judged on your hair not being curly enough or too curly, too dry too dense  ... these are all the things clients have worried about. This is a judgment free zone and my aim is that you leave feeling confident and beautiful.


Please make sure your hair is dry and down in its natural curl state. I will cut and shape your hair dry before cleansing and styling. 


We will have a chat about your hair history and expectations, We can discuss any issues you are having, your likes and dislikes and I can advise you on products and techniques to get what you need from your curls.


I proudly use Only curls products but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. 

There is 3 options for curly cuts ...

Dry curl cut only 

Curl, cleansed & styled

Curl cut, cleansed & styled (extra dense & long hair) 

You can also add a treatment from the extras list if you need a extra bit of moisture or strength. 


Can I come with products in my hair?

Absolutely fine as long as they are not really heavy sticky products as that may make it difficult for me to work with.

How do I know if I need a extra dense or long hair appointment?

If you are unsure of anything you can send your questions with your booking and I'll contact you. There's even a option to send a photo if you think that would help.

This is too make sure you have enough space booked out and to be able to relax and have a full service. 

Can I have a colour with my curly cut?

Of course! All new colour clients need a to book a colour consultation first at least 48 hours before your booking.

Your finish is included in your colour so you only need to add a dry curl cut option. 

Well this was my first ever curly cut, I was welcomed with the biggest smile from Toni, which made me feel more relaxed. The cut was amazing she understood my hair and what it needed, my hair loved the cut. Can definitely recommend, the whole experience was amazing! 

— Nicola